The CSB/SJU Bookstores have partnered with Floral Arts to bring floral
packages to the CSB and SJU campuses.

All floral packages are available for FREE delivery to any campus address.
Delivery to any St. Joseph address is only $3.00
Orders can be picked up yourself - or have someone else pick them up.
We will email them to tell htem they have a package to pick up.

Please place orders two business days before the order needs to be delivered.
(special requests may be called in.)

When selecting a shipping method for please select either:
Floral Package Delivery - On campus or
Floral Package Delivery - St. Joseph

SHIP TO FIELD - Person Receiving the order -
                                                   please include a cell phone number and complete address

ORDERED BY FIELD - You, the person placing the order

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS BOX - Delivery Date and Short Card Message
                                                             (no anonymous requests please)

If you have special requests with any of the floral packages, please call Floral Arts at 320-363-7705.

The CSB Bookstore can customize a package for you.  Simply call us at 1-800-420-4509 and let us know what you would like put together in a package. 
We can add items to a floral package and have it picked up at the CSB Bookstore as well. 
For all non-floral packages, we will email the student/staff and let them know they have a package to be picked up.

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